custom made furniture

From concept to completion

Custom made furniture


It’s no use denying it. Everyone has an idea of their “ideal home”, decorated with goods of their dreams. It’s a pity that these dreams collide with industrially produced furniture, which never perfectly matches that perfect image in our mind.

“Custom Furniture” allows you to match dream and reality as closely as possible.

It’s a very different process than shopping at your local furniture store or favourite online furniture store.

When you request a custom piece we take all your ideas, measurements and work from the wood species that will work best to meet the project brief, to build you a superior piece, that will fit your space and style.


Lead time for our custom projects 4 – 6 weeks.

upcycle furniture

Give your furniture new life

Upcycle furniture


When we upcycle furniture, it makes it look refreshed, like a newly purchased item. It is even a way of giving an unloved or unused piece a new purpose. So why buy new things when you can upcycle the ones you already own?

Classes with the Makers shed

Master The Process


group classes

Workshop Classes

Discover Your Passion! Bring a group and build your dream project at our workshop.

one on one classes


Come and build your dream project in our workshop under the watchful eye of expert woodwork and carpenter tutor, Morris.

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