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Let us help you design and craft your very own customised furniture, unique and personalised with your very own look and feel.

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About us

The story behind The Makers Shed


“We are a Durbanville based custom furniture design and fabrication company created by Morris Knudsen.

​I have been fascinated with making things from a very young age. As a child I was brought up on a farm and our family business was furniture manufacturing, restorations, and refurbishment.

With access to a wonderland of equipment, a father that never said no and great mentors that came across my path, I would spend every spare moment honing my skills and making new things.

This fascination and love of making things always stayed with me during the many paths i followed in my life journey.”

“The COVID pandemic struck in 2020 and I found myself at home for a long period.

It was during this time that my passion for woodworking was rekindled and my vision started coming into focus.

I could not resist the call to a new adventure and so The Makers Shed was born.

In a world consumed by mass production, there is something so gratifying in the slow and meticulous process of creating a unique piece from start to finish with our clients.”

Farmhouse Table 1
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custom made furniture

Custom made furniture

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Upcycle furniture

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Customer Feedback

  • Tamlin M
    Morris is incredibly talented. I was blown away by the level of absolute PERFECTION! The quality and workmanship is next level... Thank you Morris for my awesome boards. My husband (and I) were blown away. 10 out of 10!
    Tamlin M
  • Greta U
    You are just next level!!! Thank you so much!
    Greta U
  • Mandy
    Thanks a million for great service! Much Appreciated!
  • San-marie V
    Baie Dankie Morris! Dit lyk alles so mooi!
    San-marie V
  • Leon B
    This is going above and beyond well done to you and your team. The furniture looks great.
    Leon B
  • Cheryl Z
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kitchen chairs! Absolutely stunning! Thank you so much!
    Cheryl Z
  • Clive V
    A masterpiece... Work of art...Work of heart. Thank you Thank you, Morris.
    Clive V
  • Judy
    Hi, we were sitting at your beautiful tables today. They are stunning. Thank you!
  • Heidi A
    We won most original award! Thank you for your contribution Morris!
    Heidi A
  • Lauren s
    Bespoke furniture for the discerning eye.
    Lauren s
  • Pauline
    Thank you so much Morris! It's beautiful as always!
  • Franita K
    Your heart shows in this piece... it is simply incredible!
    Franita K
  • Joyce F
    This is Stunning!! We are so excited. Thank you so so much. Service excellent!!
    Regards Joyce.
    Joyce F
  • Zéndre R
    Just stunning! Thank you!
    Zéndre R
  • Essie W
    Truly a work of art, well done!
    Essie W